Nathaniel Caauwe

Coming out of the visual effects industry, and given the opportunity to visit India in 2011, Nathaniel saw an opportunity to put his love of filmmaking to use, and Breaking the Cycle was born.

Emily Kreutz

An audio engineer by day, Emily has an immense passion for the Dalit, especially in the wake of her first visit to India in 2012. She directs and produces alongside Nathaniel.

Caleb Baber

Given his familiarity with India which surpasses the rest of the crew, Caleb originally joined to be a guide. However, a staph infection prevented him from traveling in July 2012. He continues to provide input on the film as a producer.

John Cotton

John joined Breaking the Cycle through Caleb, and traveled to India for the first batch of shooting in July 2012. He brought to the table much-appreciated documentary experience, having already produced his own film, Reel Old School.

Nate Tacey

Hailing from Topeka, Kansas, Nate is one of the editors on the film, bringing his experience producing news segments regularly. Editing will be split between Nate, Nathaniel, and Emily.