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Wow! Has it really been nearly three months since Emily and left for India? I’ve concluded that I’m just so bad at keeping up with a blog of any sort that I’m going to keep this short. If I try to go on too long, I get hung up on every paragraph and a draft ends up sitting here for weeks and weeks (I’m ignoring what I typed up last month).

Long story short: Emily and I ended up visiting a school that we really connected with, called Alteheia Banjara School. They asked if we could do anything to help them raise awareness for their work. We felt called to do so and put together the following video in a matter of a few weeks starting the day we got back home. We had very little planning going into it, as we didn’t know what to expect, who we would meet, or the fact that they would ask us to make this. We’ve since heard that GBBMI has begun receiving scholarships based solely on people who have seen this, so it has definitely been worth every ounce of effort :)

This features footage that will likely make its way into Breaking the Cycle, as the Banjara people are in a very similar situation as the Dalit. We also shot plenty of other stuff on this day that didn’t fit into this particular video, but was intended for our documentary. Consider this the first glimpse of footage, short of an actual trailer ;)

Anywho, I won’t ramble too much. Check it out, feel free to share, and ask questions in the comments. I’m much better answering things directly than trying to lay everything out at once.

New Site!

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Hello everyone! Welcome to our new site; we finally have a production blog, which has been a long time coming. I’ll take a moment to fill you in as to where we are on the project…

Since returning from our July 2012 trip to India, Emily and I have been at work transcribing interviews (well, Emily mostly; she’s been kicking butt). During this process, we developed additional, more focused questions to ask our interviewees again, and hopefully some additional people. The two of us are now back in India, where we have been shooting additional footage since last Wednesday (March 6th). The process of actually getting here was quite a tale in itself, and I covered that over on my personal site. Read more »